4 Lifestyle Changes I Made When I Was Trying To Get Pregnant

When my husband and I were ready to start ‘trying‘ (cringe) for a baby, it felt like every where I turned I’d see a woman with a massive pregnancy bump or pushing a buggy containing a tiny new baby. All of a sudden, it felt like everyone else was pregnant and I wasn’t. My eyes were drawn to every car, with those signs saying ‘Baby on Board’, I felt like people were rubbing it in my face that they had a baby and I didn’t. Everything I saw was baby related, even any magazine I picked up included articles about ‘fertility fears’ and how, ‘being over 30 meant that it would be much harder to get pregnant’. I felt incredibly sad and I felt a lot of pressure (from myself) everywhere I turned I was being reminded of the fact that I wasn’t pregnant but everyone else was.

Me and my little piggy

Because of this, right from the start I had this feeling of urgency and pressure about getting pregnant. Some family and friends knew we were trying and I constantly felt like I was getting the once over look at gatherings, being checked for ‘signs’ or if I happened to be driving and not drinking then I’d be aware of nudges and winks, people expecting ‘news’ anytime soon. I was always thinking about it too, why wasn’t I pregnant, am I being punished for being bad in a previous life, when was I going to get pregnant, oh look at her she’s pregnant, its like groundhog day in your brain. I found myself feeling very negative about the whole situation. Because of this, I started to look at ways that I could help myself be more positive. I also decided that if things weren’t happening as quickly as I’d hoped, then I wanted to arm myself with information about how I could help my body ‘get pregnant’. Aside from the physical act itself, I wanted to know what I could do to help my body be ready for pregnancy.

Firstly, I got busy reading, knowledge is power and all that. I read a load (I counted six on my kindle) of books about fertility however the only one I actually found useful was The Baby Making Bibleby Emma Cannon (whose a fertility ‘guru’ so they say). Emma covers many things in the book, here are the things that I tried and tested:

  • When you’re feeling low, write a daily list of all the positive and good things that you have in your life. Often you can’t see the good things because you are focused on negative thoughts so this can help you see the bigger picture.
  • Saying daily affirmations, like ‘I am a healthy, strong woman’. Okay, I know, this seems a bit ‘new age’ but I honestly found that saying some statements out loud every day did help me feel more positive. I’d say them when I was driving to work in the morning.
  • Meditating & Acupuncture.
  • Using Chinese medicine to pinpoint and recognise any underlying issues in your body (like digestive problems for example)

Now, obviously you can buy into everything that’s in the book, and Emma does recommend loads of things to try like reflexology and moxibustion (a Chinese Medicine treatment using fire/heat)  or you can just take the bits from the book that suit you. For me, the book gave me a starting point, it gave me some things to think about and focus on, I found it really useful.

I’ve mentioned meditation above, initially the thought of meditating conjured up images of tie dye clad ladies, ohhhhmmming whilst clinking small bells (which is totes acceptable by the way ;). It was never something I’d tried but hey, I thought why not try it. I was stressed at work and I was stressing that I wasn’t pregnant so some time out to meditate couldn’t be a bad thing. Here is a video clip I found to help get me started (and for those that ever watched home and away years ago, yes, its Melissa Ambrosini!) If it was a nice afternoon I’d sit in the garden or just on our bedroom on the floor and I’d just be…still…it was actually really lovely. Note – I always did this when my husband wasn’t around because he would have definitely laughed at me or would have tried to start talking to me when I was ‘in the zone man’!  All in all, I found meditating really nice and chilled and because around this time I was beginning to panic about not being pregnant (obsessivethinkingaboutbabies24/7) meditating helped me clear my thoughts for a while.

Acupuncture was something else I tried. I found a lady called Anna Dennis who specialises in acupuncture for fertility. Because of Anna’s background in the IVF clinic in Hammersmith Hospital, she knew what fears and concerns I had and it was really nice to spend my sessions with her talking through everything. I found that I didn’t want to constantly be having the same discussions with my husband about not being pregnant, as it was a bit ‘broken record’, so having Anna to talk too as well really helped. Also, despite hating needles I actually didn’t mind the treatment at all, the needles are so fine you hardly notice them. I started seeing Anna in March and got pregnant in May, whether or not the treatment helped, who knows but I know that personally it helped just having my 30 minutes with Anna just to chat and put the world to rights.

And finally, yoga! I started yoga to help me reeee-lax. I found this great website called Ekhart Yoga, where you pay a certain amount each month and have access to loads of online videos. It was really useful as it meant I could just do yoga at home in my living room and as a complete yoga novice, there were loads of beginner videos to watch and practice. When I got pregnant I stopped sport, but continued with the yoga videos for a while, then started pregnancy yoga classes, it made me feel like I was still doing something to keep me mobile.

There you go, these are the four things I found useful to keep me focused and relaxed, when I was trying to get pregnant. What about you? Did you try anything I’ve mentioned and find it useful, or were you not worried about getting pregnant and just knew it would happen?


10 thoughts on “4 Lifestyle Changes I Made When I Was Trying To Get Pregnant

  1. Hello Emma! I wish I’d had this post when I was ‘trying’ too! It’s so true that as soon as you make the decision to try, everywhere you look there’s a pregnant woman or someone announcing their pregnancy. I also had acupuncture and it really helped :) Have a lovely weekend! Mim :) #TheList

  2. I found The Baby Making Bible invaluable too – I just dipped into it really but it’s tone was so calming and positive I found it really helped. I’m currently psyching myself up to start ‘trying’ for a second – bye bye wine, hello yoga :) x

  3. As your fertile yeasr aren’t limited, it is easier as a guy. That said, I still found myself looking at couples and pregnant women at a similar age and wanting kids. Thankfully, it happened soon after (although I concede without the use of meditation or any of the other items on yourlist!!). #TheList

  4. The first few paragraphs of your post sound just like my experience – everyone but me was pregnant and I stressed about it for a couple of years. I’m usually a very upbeat person, so it was not like me at all. I think because it was my control I felt helpless. I’m happy to report that after two years of trying we had success. We decided not to stop trying for baby number 2 and I slipped back into a negative attitude about it. It took another year and a half second time round. I was so jealous of people I knew trying one month and seeming to have the baby the next. Anyhow, I wish I had tried some of the positive things you did – it would have been a much better use of my time :) #TheList

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