8 Useful things for babies

There are so many things to think about getting when you have a baby it can be confusing to know where to start when it comes to buying things. You get advice from friends, mums, friends of mums, grandparents, the woman in the shop, everyone and anyone. Everyone has used or tried something that did or didn’t work. You also get offers of ‘spreadsheets’ and don’t want to refuse anyone, so end up with ten. I got given three and have passed mine on to an expectant friend, who already had four! You can get lost in a world of lists before the baby even arrives. Aside from the sterilisers, monitors, moses basket, cots etc, because these items are generally down to personal preference, I wanted to put a post together with all the other things that I have found useful for my baby. Things that you might not necessarily think of, or know about.


  • Neals Yard Baby Balm:  You don’t really need to use lotions on babies in the early days so they say, but when you’re ready to, try this. It’s 100% organic so is very gentle on your baby’s skin. It lasts absolutely ages and is great for keeping little bottoms soft. I’ve also used it under the kids nose if she has a cold to stop it from getting too sore. And Baby Bottom Butter from Waitrose is another great, natural balm. This stuff smells amazing and is another great, long lasting balm for sore bottoms, noses etc. I use it occasionally myself on dry elbows or hands.


  • Ewan the dream sheep: This little dude is a very sweet sheep that can emit a warm red glow from his tummy, and by pressing each leg you get various white noise sounds like rain, a hoover and a heartbeat. Each sound plays for 20 minutes and hands down this definitely helped settle the baby in the early days. I found that when I fed her in the small hours and put her down again, she sometimes wouldn’t go back to sleep very easily and putting Ewan on, helped her to drift off again. I also think having the heartbeat sound on when she was very tiny was comforting for her, being so new into the world. We’ve lent it to a friend who has just had a baby and they love it too, it gets a big double thumbs up.


  • Anglecare Nappy Bins: With the amount of nappies that you go through, these come in handy. We have one upstairs and downstairs and it just means that I can put dirty nappies into these bins rather than into my normal rubbish bin, or instead of piling up nappy sacks by the front door to put outside everyday. You essentially end up with a giant nappy bag sausage, as the nappies are contained inside an inner bag. You have to order cartridges for it which I buy from here every few months so the extra cost is something to consider, but I think it’s worth it. Just remember to empty the bins every few days, otherwise your house will stink of poo!
  • Muslins: Buy hundreds or ask people to buy them for you, I was using about 15 a day, if not more when the babe was tiny! I still use them now to mop up various mishaps and they make good, giant handkerchiefs for when the kid has a cold.
  • Swaddle Pods: These were really useful once swaddle blankets didn’t do the job anymore. They kept the kid nice and snug and altogether at night, she looked like a little glow worm :) We used them for about 2 months before she worked out how to get her hands over the top, once she started doing that, we stopped using them and switched to sleeping bags but these were worth it, especially if you have a wriggly baby like mine was (is!)


  •  Snooze shade: This is possibly my best £20 spent on any baby item purchase. It’s such a clever invention and worthwhile investment. I didn’t need this quite so much when the kid was teenie tiny, but from about three months say when she would no longer drop off in the buggy easily, this was a god send. It essentially blocks out outside light by attaching to the front of your pushchair and it really helps if you’re out and about, in a bright shop or walking around a busy town and the baby is finding it difficult to go to sleep.


  • Rockababy Music: We discovered this when the babe turned one and a friend bought us a CD of the Guns N’ Roses lullaby’s. Since then we’ve downloaded loads of other albums onto Spotify and we play it in the kids room when needed, when she needs some chilling out or isn’t settling for a nap or in the evening, it’s good just for a bit of chilled plinky plonky background music.

There you have it, that’s my round up, is there anything I’ve missed? I’d love to hear from you.



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  1. Fab list. Yes Waitrose bottom butter is fab, we have used it for the last two years now. We used our angelcare nappy bin loads too. My son always hated swaddling though, they look so sweet all swaddled up :)

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