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Fashion wise, I’m not the coolest kid in town. I’m also not a kid but that’s by the by. When it comes to everyday fashion for me, I live in T-shirts, and I mean I really live in them. When I worked, I wore smart/casual which was fine, but at times I had to dress in suits and I hated it, it just didn’t feel like me. I felt out of my comfort zone. So fast forward to my current role of small person owner, and jeans, T-shirts and trainers are my staple wear. That’s my uniform if you please, it’s what I feel comfortable in and given my boisterous little girl, it’s what I can race about after her in easily too.


I don’t often do reviews on this site but sometimes an offer is too lovely to turn down. Lighthouse Clothing got in touch about their kit and asked me to pick an item to review. If you have a look, they have some gorgeous nautical themed clothes, bright coats and parkas and snug hoodies. I opted for a really simple but bold striped top. As I said, T-shirts are my staple but can be a tad boring so I thought this would brighten things up a bit and it’s halfway between a top and a jumper really. Colour wise, if you look in my wardrobe, most items err on the side of blue. This particular top comes in ‘poppy stripe’ and ‘sail away stripe’ and despite red not being a favoured colour of mine I decided to be daring and opt for poppy. And actually it’s a very soft red, not too harsh on the eyes. It’s lovely and soft (100% cotton) and because of this, it’s not thick which is great because I tend to overheat massively whatever the weather, so this means I could easily wear this on it’s own, or with a small tee underneath. I usually wear a size ten top but sceptically opted for a size eight with this (after much starring at the model on the website) and this is not-too snug fit, a size up would’ve been too baggy I think. It’s made a great addition to my everyday uniform. Oh and I tried taking some selfies and I looked ridiculous, I just can’t pull of cool and brooding, or casual ‘no I don’t even know the camera is there’ look, so the kid has modelled for me instead :)



They say, ‘Lighthouse is the product of an evolved vision to create outerwear that has unique style whilst maintaining all the practical waterproof features that have the traditional perception of compromising on style. Lovingly crafted especially for enjoying beloved places or exploring new ones, Lighthouse clothing is about being in tune with your surroundings whatever the weather‘.



I was sent this item by Lighthouse Clothing to review, all words are my own.


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