Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Well, this weather is rather lovely isn’t it. I’m literally sat here right now with the classic British ‘glow’ after a day out with the kid, aka sunburn. The heat (however long it may last) has got me thinking about my up and coming summer holiday, two lovely weeks in the South of France. This is an annual thing me and my family do and before we go, I always like to get myself a few new essential items. There’s something exciting about buying bits for your holiday, well I think so anyway, perhaps that’s because I don’t get to shop for clothes that much anymore, it makes it seem more real, and soon. And it’s always nice to have new things before the summer, even just one or two things to make you feel a little better about not having done that bikini diet that you meant to do in like, February. And yes, that is me doing jazz hands in a changing room. I’m so cool, right?


There are some awesome ‘looks’ out at the moment. Some beautiful prints, the puffy gypsy sleeved tops and dresses, which make me look twelve, trust me, I try them on EVERY time and still no difference. And I stood starring at the beautiful Monsoon jacket below for about ten minutes before I was asked to move along. I’d never be brave enough to go for something like this but it just screams LOOK AT ME doesn’t it?



I tend to play it safe when it comes to spending money and buying clothes. I err on the side of boring if you will. I prefer plainer styles, as much as I appreciate bolder and brighter patterns and quirky designs from afar. This said, whenever I go clothes shopping I do try to try on things outside of my comfort zone, for example the high waist flowery shorts in the photo below and the red frilly sleeved top both from H&M. Not wild I know but for me something different. I also tried on some short jean shorts and bold print trousers from Fat Face, but the world just isn’t ready to see me in these items just yet, sorry world.



So back to the drawing board. What I really needed was some staple holiday wear. A decent bikini (sidenote: never, as a thirty eight year old woman try on bikinis in H&M, to say all my bits were hanging out is an understatement) some shorts, a dress, light trousers and a nice T-shirt. Shorts wise, I usually get mine from GAP but found that Fat Face make some just as good, if not better. And my bikini’s last year came from good old Marks and Sparks, whereas again Fat Face came up trumps with a really lovely shell design number. And for my staple dress, trousers and top, good old H&M. All I need now is some flip flops (I ran out of time) and I’m sorted.



I bought all of these lovely items from Woking shopping centre. Not my usual haunt but one that certainly used to be when I lived there many moons ago. Thankfully it’s come on leaps and bounds since I frequented the shops (with my DM boots, puppy fat and oddly dyed hair) and I found I happily wasted a few hours in H&M, Monsoon, Top Shop and Fat Face. You wouldn’t necessarily think of Woking as a fashion front runner but they’re putting themselves out there and nudging up alongside Kington and Guildford. If you’re there over the next few days there’s a fashion event running until Sunday 28th May called ‘Fashion Unboxed’ which features high street and catwalk trends, with top picks from Next, Fat Face, Monsoon, Superdry, New Look, Debenhams, River Island, Bonmarche, Trespass and Primark. Well worth a look.


I was given a gift card to use, for the purpose of this post. All words are my own.

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