Carry On Regardless

I think it’s safe to say that for the majority of us, what happened this week in Manchester shocked us all. Not in the least because it was yet another horrific attack, but perhaps mostly because it’s fairly clear that the perpetrator specifically targeted the event because there would be young people and children there. I’m sure we all hugged our babies a little tighter that night after watching the news and thought about how we can keep them safe. Terrorism has been part of this world for a long, long time. It’s nothing new. Just sadly now it’s a lot more present. All the events that take place are incredibly shocking, all of them, but what do we do about them, should we stop living our lives because of them?


Manchester was the first attack that has taken place, that has made me seriously question whether I should be going out and about with my daughter. It’s the first attack that’s made me fearful of being out in public spaces with her. I think because I’m more aware of my responsibility for her, to look after and out for her. I’ve been questioning whether I should be taking into consideration where I take her and how safe these places are? Should I stop taking her to shopping centres, or should I ever take her in the London again? I took her to a place in the week which was completely safe, but had fear-ridden dreams the night before about something happening, what would I do, how would I react, would I be able to keep her safe? This what things have come to now.

A line popped into my head about this situation and that was that we need to, ‘carry on regardless‘. Yes it’s a song title and a film, I can’t claim this as my own, but it’s relevant I feel. I don’t mean that we should ignore these events or pretend like they’re not happening. I mean that we just need to keep going. Stick out that stiff upper lip. Whatever these bastards do, they will not take away the normality of our lives, because that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to make us stop what we’re doing, what we do, how we live our lives, but we wont. So despite the deep down fears and thoughts, I will still be taking my daughter to the places I take her too. I will carry on as normal as much as possible, for the most part because I don’t want my daughter growing up knowing that they have won. F U Terrorism.



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