Lush Aromaco Deodorant Bar

On my new quest (think me on a horse, dressed as a knight) to try and make a small difference to the amount of plastics and toxins within our home, I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading various websites and blogs, for tips on what we can do. And something that I kept coming across, was people recommending Lush products, and one product that stood out was their Aromaco Deodorant Bar. A natural product, no plastic container and very well received. This stood out for me as I’ve long had a problem with massively overheating (thanks Mum) but thankfully have never had an issue with excessive sweating on a day to day basis (obviously get me playing hockey on a sunny day, and this is a different story *beetroot-face*) and I definitely don’t smell, promise. The deodorant I was using to date had been working perfectly fine, however just before Xmas it suddenly stopped being effective. I’d find that doing very little would cause me to have huge wet patches under each arm. It was driving me mad until I joined the dots and realised that this was linked to my miscarriage, and what I presume to be my body ridding itself of pregnancy hormones. Thankfully the problem has calmed now after two months of being quite bad, I’m back ‘to normal’ (whatever that is!) Hence when I came across the Aromaco Bar I thought it would be worth a try.



A few years ago there was some press about a link between cancer and parabens and aluminium used in deodorants, and what with both my mum and sister having had breast cancer, I figured switching to more natural ones would be a good move. It’s worth noting that evidence is yet to be proven completely on these links, and recent studies show no strong connection between either and cancer. But while the scientists work out whether the parabens and aluminium’s are or aren’t bad, I figured I’d crack on and assume that for the sake of argument, they are. Over the years I’ve tried loads of different brands, I’ve found that natural sprays don’t work on me, and neither do natural roll-ons. My husband uses a Salt Of The Earth crystal deodorant so I decided to give that a go. It’s really easy to use, you just apply to clean, wet pits and actually, after using for about six months I’d found that it was working really well, up until the point of my ERPC operation.


Sadly what I found was, post Op, the above deodorant suddenly stopped working. Something happened internally and it just stopped being effective with my current, crazy hormones. After a few weeks of dealing with this, I picked up on the Aromaco bar that people were talking about online.


So what exactly is a deodorant bar you ask? Well, this particular one comes as a solid 100g block and contains nine ingredients: Witch Hazel Infusion, Propylene Glycol, Soduim Stearate, Charomile Vinegar, Sodium Bicarbonate, Patchouli Oil, Citral, Limonene and Perfume. The smell is hard to describe, it’s quite strong. The Lush website tells me that is the earthy aroma of the Patchouli Oil. I wasn’t so keen at first but I quite like it now, it’s a very natural smell. it’s really simple to use, you wet it then rub the bar under clean armpits and you’re ready to go. Here’s the good and the bad:


  • Obviously you’re doing your bit for the environment by using this bar. It doesn’t come in a plastic tube/container and once it’s finished, that’s it. No throwing anything away in the bin as it’s all gone into keeping your pits fresh.
  • It’s easily applied under a clean pit. With mine I apply after showering in the morning and I wet the bar slightly which makes application super easy.
  • You smell pretty damn fresh, despite the strong smell (which took some getting used too) it’s a lovely CLEAN smell. No chemicals, no nasties.
  • In a bid to use less toxins on my skin, it’s another natural product to add to my collection
  • It works really well for me I’m happy to say. It’s better than any deodorant I’ve had previously. I do still have ‘warm’ moments however that’s me and my hormones right now and no deodorant on this planet will stop that.


  • It has quite a strong smell that took me a bit of getting used to. It’s the Patchouli (bless you) oil apparently.
  • First few applications I found it quite scratchy under my arms, often leaving them red but not sore. Wetting the bar helps prevent this and just using a few times.
  • As the bar reduces in size, it gets tricky to use and I generally have to discard the last bit.
  • It’s a little on the pricey side. I buy a block that costs me between £6-£8 and given the above comment, it’s a little annoying that you can’t use the whole thing.

But all in all, a good little bar and one I’ll keep using for the foreseeable future.

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