Morning Smoothie

I absolutely love smoothies. They’re just the easiest thing to make and can be so damn tasty. Generally I’ll have one after breakfast or if I’m feeling crazy I’ll just have one on it’s own for breakfast, but this is rare as they don’t keep me that full like some people claim they do! This is a great, simple recipe to feed two hungry adults in need of a morning hit.

Morning Smoothie
Makes enough for two people

One Banana if its huge or two small ones
One cup * of berries (strawberries, blueberries or raspberries – I tend to use frozen blueberries or strawberry’s when in season)
A lump of ginger (about the size of half your thumb, depending how gingery you want it i.e. less, for less gingery)
250 mls Almond milk
500 mls Coconut Water
Optional – A desert spoon of Flaxseed & a teaspoon of almond butter


Whizz, slurp & enjoy :)

* I use a set of cups that I bought on Amazon, cups are an American measuring system. I have four cups of differing sizes so when I say one cup, its the biggest one, which holds approx 250 mls/ 250 grams of liquid or berries etc.



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