About Me

Hi there, thanks for dropping by. I’m Emma, a full time mum to a busy three year old girl. I’m a loud laugher and a bit of a dork. If you need someone to cackle at a bad joke, or possibly do a loud snort or leg slap, then I’m your woman.

Me and Olivia

I started reading other blogs back in 2009, looking for wedding inspiration. I loved the real life photos and true to life stories that I came across. I started this blog in 2014 as a hobby and by way of an outlet after having my first child and since then, it’s grown into a real passion. I’ve discovered that quite simply, I really enjoy writing. I write about all things motherhood, recipes, skin problems that I’ve had (side-eyes at eczema) travel that we do either as a couple or as a family and sport too. Hockey is a huge passion of mine and also getting kids doing sport is something I’m pretty keen on too. Something else I cover is, if I come across any brands or businesses that I like, I’ll share that info with you by way of a Q&A style post. All in all, I hope you enjoy what you read.

I will at times accept sponsored posts, or review certain things on here for which I’ve either received the item for free, or been paid to review. I will always be honest with you about that and I will only accept events to attend of items to review that are relevant to me and this blog and that I think you readers will enjoy reading about.

If you want to say hi, if you want to work with me or simply ask me a question then please dont hesitate to get in touch: itsmostlyokay@gmail.com




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