4 Lifestyle Changes I Made When I Was Trying To Get Pregnant

When my husband and I were ready to start ‘trying‘ (cringe) for a baby, it felt like every where I turned I’d see a woman with a massive pregnancy bump or pushing a buggy containing a tiny new baby. All of a sudden, it felt like everyone else was pregnant and I wasn’t. My eyes were drawn to every car, with those signs saying ‘Baby on Board’, I felt like people were rubbing it in my face that they had a baby and I didn’t. Everything I saw was baby related, even any magazine I picked up included articles about ‘fertility fears’ and how, ‘being over 30 meant that it would be much harder to get pregnant’. I felt incredibly sad and I felt a lot of pressure (from myself) everywhere I turned I was being reminded of the fact that I wasn’t pregnant but everyone else was.

Me and my little piggy

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