Mango and Tofu salad with satay dressing

I found the amazing Hanna Sillitoe via Google a few months back. This sounds a bit like an online dating thing but it isn’t, I promise. I was dealing with some horrible skin issues and much inter-web searching lead me to her site and her story about how she healed her psoriasis through juicing and completely changing her diet. I got to do a Q&A with her on here and since then, I always check back to her site and social media accounts to look at the recipes she’s created, honestly she makes the most delicious looking food. I discovered her amazing Mango Salad with satay dressing during one search, and it’s proved to be one of the most satisfying mid week meals I’ve had in a long time. It’s really healthy and easy to make, and despite the husbands sad face when he saw there wasn’t any ‘meat’ in this, he loved it too. I’ve tweaked the original recipe slightly when I found the mango I wanted to use was really squishy, I ended up experimenting by baking it, and this worked perfectly. I’ve just had this meal for dinner but it would make an awesome big lunch as well. It’s a proper bowl of happiness for your tummy :)

Mango salad

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Asian Chicken Salad

New Year, healthy eating, being good and all that jazz and I’ve turned back to what suits me best when it comes to eating well, and that’s the Paleo diet. Paleo die-hards can be very strict about this lifestyle but the general rule is to not eat dairy, grains, carbohydrates or sugar. I loosely follow this, mainly in that I try to cut carbs from my breakfast and dinner, but I don’t stress too much, life’s too short eh. On the hunt for interesting recipes to try I found this awesome one for Asian Chicken salad, made it and it was LUSH. Really easy and simple to make, a spot on mid week meal. Apologies for the crap photo, was too busy eating.

asian chicken salad

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Sweet Potato and Piri Piri Prawns

I’ve discovered an amazing recipe with Sweet Potato’s that I need to share with you. You’ll thank me for this one I promise, especially now that the evenings are getting darker and colder. This is a proper tummy warming dinner and, yep I’m going to put it out there, it’s even pretty healthy (ish!) too. I do love sweet potato’s but other than chips, wedges or mash, I’m never sure what else to do with them, then I found this recipe. I’ve tweaked the original version slightly, adding in some more vegetables and chorizo. You could add in more veggies if you wanted, maybe some cooked cherry tomato’s,  but this is quite a filling dish so you really don’t need much else.


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A Juice and soup recipe, time to shift the holiday excess

20150810_185732Hello there, remember me? Sorry for the blog silence but I’ve been on holiday, busy sunning myself in France, tough eh. Holidays are wonderful things aren’t they? A time to re-charge and re-group, and most definitely a time for throwing the diet book out of the window and eating what you want, which is exactly what I’ve done for a whole two weeks and now I’m paying the price for it. I’ve been eating like I’ve had a hangover for two weeks (which I quite possibly have done) There’s been pastries for breakfast, bread, cheese and cold meats for lunch, then big dinners in the shape of seafood or BBQ feasts, with a decent amount of alcohol thrown in too. I have returned home with a new addition, a France food baby and drastic measures are needed. Continue reading

Butternut Squash Risotto

I have a constant struggle with food and ‘being good’. I generally do really well and am healthy during the week, cutting out bread, having smoothies, eating healthy evening meals but when the weekend hits, everything goes out of the window and the takeaway menus come out. Then I find myself back at square one again on Monday, mentally flagellating myself in anger. I find it incredibly frustrating that I can do so well then throw it away at the weekend, whether its a party that means I have a hangover, or if I’m just at home, I suddenly seem to go into lazy mode once the weekend hits and my meals suffer because of it *BIG-SIGH* Anyone else do this? No? Just me. Continue reading