IVF Diary

It’s kind of been a while since I wrote a post about what was happening fertility wise (or not as the case may be) I’ve not really felt like sharing every step of this journey, 1, because that would be rather boring and 2, because it’s hard enough dealing with it day by day, as well as writing it all down. It becomes a bit all consuming, the ever disappointing cycle so it’s good to not constantly be putting fingers to keyboard, writing about it as well. My last post back in April was about my husband and I having made the decision to start IVF. A lot has happened since then, lots of clinic appointments and so, so many injections. I’ve made a diary of sorts, talking about everything to date. This isn’t my usual post, it’s a little more erratic but hopefully conveys the crazy few weeks I’ve had.

O polsden

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The IVF Route

It’s happening. The road I never thought we’d have to go down, we’re on. We’re about to embark on IVF *pulls imaginary train whistle* After a fairly straightforward first pregnancy, naturally I assumed I’d easily conceive again but ever since an early miscarriage things have gone a bit wrong with my monthly cycle, and things just haven’t worked from this point on. Having IVF has obviously been talked about, it’s been in the back of my mind but I guess me and the husband both hoped that we wouldn’t get to that point. It’s been a possibility, something we may have to consider but I didn’t actually think we’d have to do it. Other people have IVF, I know so many that have had it, everyone knows someone whose had it these days, but I honestly thought it wouldn’t be me.


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How Acupuncture Alone Can’t Help Infertility

I’ve documented my fertility struggles here on this blog, and someone who knows all about what I’m going through is one of my NCT buddies Lynn. Lynn blogs and hosts videos over on her You Tube channel, she’s a Chartered Senior Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor, Birth Educator, Yoga & Meditation Junkie, oh and mum to a spirited three year old girl. Lynn has a great video presence and has created some really useful videos for women who are pregnant, but I’ve been on at her for a while now about putting together tips and videos for those like me, who are having fertility issues, and finally she’s listened, hurrah. Here Lynn writes a guest post for me, where she chats to an acupuncture expert about what acupuncture is, and how stress and lifestyle play a big part in infertility.

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