Piri Piri Prawns with Courgetti Noodles

OK, so I haven’t done a recipe post for aaaaaages, not since September would you believe! SO now is the time. This is a really easy recipe that I found in the Lean in 15 book by Joe Wicks. Now, despite not actually following any of his fitness type stuff, some of his recipes are really great for quick, go-to mid week meals, especially all of his stir frys, and this is one of them. I tweaked this particular version a bit and ended up adding quite a lot of extra vegetables (read as: I panicked thinking we wouldn’t have enough), which you can easily choose to cut out, and I chose to use courgette noodles instead of adding rice. It was incredibly filling so a good meal to make if you’re famished or hangry and need to eat NOW. It honestly took me no more than 15/20 minutes.

Piri Piri

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Healthy – ish Lasagne ;)

Mid week cooking when you’re trying to feed adults and little people can  be hard sometimes. I often find myself, despite saying that I never would, cooking a dinner for the kid, then something different for my husband and I, which is a bit of a pain in the bum. The problem is, the kid is still pretty fussy with food. She doesn’t like most vegetables and certainly nothing too chunky that’s a vegetable, no siree, she’ll just sit there and pick all the bits out. So I needed to find something to cook that she might potentially eat. I had some turkey mince in our freezer and was going to cook meatballs, but decided to plump for a healthy lasagne instead after finding this recipe, and it was deeeee-licious (as my daughter would say) The winner thing being that the carrot, onion and garlic are blitzed in a food processor (you could also add other vegetables too) and this helps with getting her to eat! Also, this is the perfect happy-medium dish too if you’re trying to be healthy because by using turkey mince you are lowering the fat content, and you can make it naughty by adding EXTRA CHEESE which lets face it, is far more fun right 😉 And don’t be put off by the long instructions, this is a pretty simple dish to make.

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