Les Granels – A Five Star French Holiday Rental

A few years ago my family started a tradition of going on a group family holiday to France, and it’s something that has now become an annual occurrence. France has always been part of our family life growing up, certainly below the age of twelve I recall that we’ve always holidayed there. I can remember spending hot sweltering days by glistening lakes, watching my Pops or brother attempt to wind-surf (and failing miserably) I can remember being dragged round various Chateaus with my parents, eating delicious food and staying in funny little rented holiday homes (one was a tiny pink bungalow, we still laugh about that one to this day). For our annual trip this time round, we re-visited a house that we stayed at two years ago. A rather beautiful, quiet, blue shuttered, ivy clad house called Les Granels.


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Time to go travelling?

A year before the babe came on the scene, my husband and I took a three month sabbatical and went travelling. It was something we’d dreamed of and talked about doing for a long, long time, but we just didn’t think we could do it for various reasons. Money was obviously a big factor, we had some savings but that’s exactly what it was for and we were worried about spending it, just in case we needed it. What we would do with our house was another, who would look after it? And we also just assumed that our respective employer’s wouldn’t let us take the time out, especially as the husband had not long been in a new job. We put the idea away in our minds until we were finally spurred into taking the plunge after a good friend of ours Carl, tragically died from cancer. As we sat in his funeral, the Vicar read out Carls birthdate, he was only a few weeks older than the both of us. In that moment we realised, life really is too short. The next day we made the decision, we were going to do it, we were going to go travelling.


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A weekend away at Lucknam Park

A year in from having a baby and although my husband and I have had nights out together, we haven’t been away or had any real time for ourselves. I mean real, ALONE time, without the baby. Before Christmas we were asked the usual questions about what we wanted, and we decided to ask for Mr and Mrs Smith vouchers. Mr and Mrs Smith is a smart website which reviews lovely hotels here in the UK and abroad, and when booking through them you can get various deals or added perks like afternoon tea (as we did) or a bottle of champagne in your room etc. Me and the Mr agreed we wanted to stay in a spa hotel so after creating a short list and after much deliberation, we decided to book Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa.

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