10 Useful Things For New Mums

The early days with a new born can be pretty tough on some mum’s. You endure months of pregnancy, miss out on boozy events (not always a bad thing perhaps in my case) you can’t see anything below your belly button, there are various aches and pains and then suddenly, WHAM! That little person is with you. It can be a bit of a shock despite, in theory having time to prepare. Late night shifts merge into early morning shifts and you find that you work on auto-pilot, doing things without thinking like putting the kettle in the fridge, the butter in the washing machine and nappies on the dog. I wrote a post a while back about all the things that I found useful for my baby when she was very small, here’s a list for any new or expectant mums (or for those looking for things to buy for new mums), covering all the things that I found helped me, in many different ways, in those hazy, early days.


Lansinoh cream – I first read about this stuff here on Charlotte’s blog. She commented that you should buy shares in this stuff, then I understood why, it’s amazing. Buy several tubes, scatter around your house, then apply to your bobs liberally before and after feeding, it really helps if you’re sore and it’s completely safe for babies.

Lansinoh pads These are the only ones which don’t make you look like you are wearing a pillow shoved up your top. I tried a few in the early days and the Lansinoh ones have the best absorption. Just remember to change every so often otherwise you’re just adding to your already slightly milky body smell, mmm sexeh.

Multi Mam Compress padsThese are a bit pricy but oh my WOW, they are worth it. If like me you had sore/cut nipples (yes, really), applying these is like sticking your boobies in a freezer, they are wonderful.


Korres Almond Oil & Shea butter hand cream – My sister bought me this amazing cream when I had my baby and it smells divine. My hands needed this with the constant washing and it felt like a bit of a treat applying it. This or in fact, just any kind of lovely hand cream is amazing to soothe those sore hands.

Tinted lip balm – It’s safe to say that unless you are absolutely minted and have a nanny, chef etc then the last thing you’ll want to do, or even have the time to do when you’ve just had a baby is put makeup on. This tinted lip balm will make you feel a bit more human, look less ghost like and it’s completely natural so totally good for you and your skin.

Epsom Salts, Lavender oil & Witch Hazel – If you had a vaginal birth and are sore afterwards, then Epsom Salts sprinkled in your bath will help the healing process, reduce swelling and draw out toxins. Lavender oil and Witch Hazel also help aid recovery ‘down there’. Lavender Oil is a natural antibacterial, sprinkle it on a pad or into the bath (don’t be a dimmie and apply direct to your stitches like I did, it stings like hell!) Witch Hazel also has natural astringent properties and if applied to a pad can help recovery.

Water – It may or may not be a bit of an obvious one this, but as a new mum, you’ve got to drink loads of water! Whether you’re breast feeding or not, your body has just rid itself of a huge amount of fluid during birth (squelch), so you need to make sure you keep hydrated. If you take the baby out for a walk, take a bottle of water with you and take small sips. If you’re not a water drinking, stick some squash in it, anything to keep your fluid intake up. I found if I didn’t drink enough in the day I resembled a dry prune.

Perkier, Kind or Nakd bars – If I went out of the house in the first three months and had recently fed my baby, I’d suddenly feel incredibly weak after just ten minutes of walking. I had no energy at all so had to make sure I had a snack bar packed in my change bag to keep me going otherwise I’m fairly sure I would’ve fainted. Sounds dramatic but those babies take all the good stuff! Even if you’re not breast feeding, make sure you have one of these or some nuts or a little chocolate bar in your bag, all good little energy boosts.

Cook Ready Meals – You quite frankly, don’t have time or the inclination to cook your own meals. Send your partner out to grab a few hearty meals from COOK and stock your freezer up, immediately.

Netflix– Now is the time to make sure you’ve got that TV series that you’ve been wanting to watch for ages downloaded, so in the early hours of feeding, you can grab a few minutes of TV time. I watched the entire series 1-3 of Game of Thrones during many a breast feeding session. Possibly not the most relaxing programme to watch with all the blood, violence and incest but hey, it got me through those early morning shifts!



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