THE best Banana Cake

This post might seem slightly ironic given that I’ve recently written about discovering that I’m allergic to bananas, but I bloody love banana cake, and it’s just not something I’m prepared to give up despite my new allergy friend *folds arms defiantly*. I always buy banana’s when I do my food shop, it’s force of habit really as it seems odd not to include them, but because I don’t eat them anymore, and the kid is going through a phase of hating them after eating them every day (tres annoying) I often get left with a load of squidgy bananas, that have sat around for a week. So what better to do with them, other than to make cake, right?


My mum has one of those old school recipe books from the bygone years that she still cooks from, and it’s from that she passed on the best recipe for Banana cake that I’ve ever tried. Honest. What makes this recipe work is the length of time you cook the cake for. All other recipes I’ve tried, always seem to have a shorter cooking time, which has always left me with a soggy middle, never nice. This is the one cake I make that always gets compliments, I’ve given the recipe on to lots of other people so get cooking! *EDIT* The tin I use is a square shape, has low sides and cooks this cake perfectly. However, I’ve made this more recently using a higher sided, narrower tin, and with the same amount of mix the cake didn’t cook in the middle. I had to extend the cooking time (in my fan oven) from 40 to 50 minutes which meant the top of the cake was quite ‘crisp’! So maybe if you have a smaller tin, perhaps try this first with half the recipe amount, I have a feeling the second tin couldn’t cope with this amount of cake mix hence the soggy middle :/

Banana Cake
Feeds, now that’s up to you! I use a tin that’s 8.5″/8.5″ which gives me about 16 squares of cake.


    • The original recipe calls for 170g margarine but that’s a bit old school, so I use half butter (room temperature is best) and half coconut oil, because quite frankly, that is how I roll. Using all butter is completely fine but if you use coconut oil, be sure to melt it first then let it cool slightly before adding. If you add coconut oil un-melted it won’t work.
    • 170g Caster sugar.
    • 2 Large bananas (medium would be fine), ideally on the black side but if you only have yellow, squeeze them a bit before using with your hands, that does the trick.
    • A good squeeze of half a lemon.
    • 2 large eggs (medium also fine), room temperature.
    • 230g Sifted, self raising flour.
    • 250g or a large handful of chopped walnuts. I’ve also tried adding a handful of chocolate drops too, equally as nice.
    • Icing sugar if wanted (I never add but it’s personal preference) 170g Icing sugar and 30ml Lemon juice


  • Turn your oven on to 160 fan, 180C or GM 4.
  • Mix the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  • Add the bananas (I usually just add these to my blender and squish them as I add) and continue mixing.
  • Add the eggs, then flour, then finally the walnuts and give everything a good mix.
  • Line your baking tin with baking paper, and give it a once over with some butter or coconut oil, then spoon in the mixture.
  • Put the tin in the oven and cook for 45 minutes, or 40 minutes in a fan oven.
  • Whilst that’s in the oven, give your blender bowl a good lick :) Bakers rights.
  • If you poke a skewer or cocktail stick into the cake towards the end, it should come out clean, which means it’s done! Also the middle of the cake should look firm.
  • If you want to add icing sugar, let the cake cool before doing so otherwise, stick the kettle on and inhale cake with tea.
banana cake

Mm, moist (snigger)


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  1. This is the best banana cake I have ever inhaled in my life and right after a little person came shooting out of my body 2 weeks ago, this was like food of the Gods! Thank you thank you! Xx

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