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Now ladies, I’m not normally one to talk about our, *cough* lady parts on this blog (any male readers, this might not be a post for you, or it might be .. ) Anyway, I used to run screaming from any kind of ‘hoo-ha’ talk, as the mere mention of such words used to make me blush profusely, but now that a baby has exited from down there, well quite frankly I’m a bit less embarrassed about such things (although the word ‘s-e-x’ still makes me blush) The pelvic floor is something I’ve wanted to talk about on here for a while, and now a perfect opportunity has come up. If you are a pregnant lady or if you have ever had a baby, this is a post for you.

Remembering to do your pelvic floor exercises is something that is drummed into you if you are pregnant nowadays. It was mentioned in all of my NCT classes, the NHS classes I attended and any midwife appointment that I had. I had to remember to ‘clench’ and try not to pull ‘I am clenching’ face at traffic lights, bus stops, during TV ad breaks, whilst reaching into a cupboard etc, the list goes on, you get the idea. When I started doing Buggy Fit classes, at every class my awesome instructor Anna Coe would talk to us about our pelvic floor muscles. We’d stop the buggies and do some exercises based around that area and she’d always ask if anyone needed to talk to her about any issues or was experiencing problems. It’s something Anna is passionate about, ensuring that women understand the importance of strong pelvic floor muscles and making sure that we know what is normal and what is not. Whilst Anna is an amazing Buggy Fit instructor, I saw recently that she has become involved in something called Holistic Core Restore, and seeing that this was to do with the pelvic floor, this caught my interest. Since having my baby to date I haven’t experienced any post baby issues ‘down there’, however as time has gone by I’ve found that things feel a lot less, erm, strong, so it’s still something I am very aware of. I got in touch with Anna to find out more about Holistic Core Restore.

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Hi Anna! Tell me about yourself and your background in fitness.

My name is Anna Coe and I’ve been working with women’s fitness and well being for the last 15 years. I’m a Personal Trainer, teach Buggy Fit classes and am a Holistic Core Restore pelvic floor and core rehab coach.

How did you become involved in helping women with their pelvic floor muscles?

It was obvious as soon as I started working with women who were pregnant and postnatal, that the pelvic floor and abs can be common and distressing issue. Many women are told by medics that having problems with your pelvic floor, during and after pregnancy is normal. I strongly disagree with this, too many women are living with issues that vary from the annoying to life-destroying. For many, the right exercise prescribed by an expert can offer huge benefits and for those where the situation is severe, surgery can generally solve most problems.

How did you find out about Holistic Core Restore?

Our very specialist part of the fitness industry is quite small really and if, as an instructor, you keep your skills up to date you hear about new innovations, training courses and research results. Holistic Core Restore has been designed by Jenny Burrell, the most respected trainer of trainers in women’s Specialist Fitness. If she tells us she’s getting fantastic results and there’s something new to learn, good trainers are normally listening.

What exactly is Holistic Core Restore?

Holistic Core Restore is a training programme for women which tackles pelvic floor and tummy issues as it suggests, in a holistic way. We work intensively with women in either small groups or one to one and make sure all the elements of a woman’s life that is holding back her rehabilitation are tackled. These include diet (the building blocks of recovery) exercise and what we call down training – the ability to release as well as contract the relevant muscles. We do a face to face workout once a week and there is a daily homework programme to follow on line. It does require commitment although with the support we offer and from the rest of the group it is proving life changing for many women.

What does it aim to help with/ or do?

The course should improve pelvic floor leaking, low level prolapse symptoms, tummy strength and shape, weight management/diet improvement and general well being. It is not suitable for women who have a level 2, 3 or 4 prolapse or for those with a Hypertonic pelvic floor.

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Who is the course aimed at?

The programme is aimed at women of all ages, from those that are pregnant through the rest of life.

What can women expect from the course?

If you join the programme you can expect a full and personal assessment of your situation and needs, a small group to work with on diet and lifestyle management and carefully designed exercises to do in the group as well as at home. It’s a 6 week programme initially and once completed you find a real improvement in your tummy and pelvic floor.

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When is it and where, and how much does it cost?

The course runs in various locations in Kingston and surrounding areas. The assessment, training course, homework programme and equipment kit is £137 and can be booked via the Mums in Shape website. The next course that I am running starts on 14th April. If you live further afield but want to find out more, or if you’ve got any questions at all, please get in touch:

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Fantastic stuff eh! If you need anymore information, you’re worried about your lady bits or if you’re just nosey, click on the Holistic Core Restore home page and have a watch of Jenny’s video.

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