Chocolate Honeycomb Brownies

I’ve written on here about my cooking habits and how I try to eat healthily (as much as humanly possible) Something I had got into quite a bad habit of doing, was buying and eating chocolate bars mid week after dinner (damn you Dairy Milk) After our holiday to Cornwall we decided to have a bit of an overhaul and I’ve started to try and bake something every week or so, so that we’ve got a treat at home rather than feeling the need to go out and buy sugar loaded crap. At least if I make something, I know exactly what’s gone into it, right? Now these badboys are a real treat. Something to make once in a while and enjoy with ice-cream, yum. The addition of the honeycomb is something my husband asked me to add in, and I have to say it’s a match made in heaven. It adds a bit of crunch and erm, goo (did I just use that word?!) I promise you that these chocolate brownies are worth a try.


Chocolate honeycomb brownies
Feed, now that’s up to you! I use a tin that’s 8.5″ by 8.5″, which gives me roughly 16 decent size brownies.


  • 200g Dark chocolate
  •  170g butter / or do what I do and use half butter, half melted coconut oil, so 85g each if doing that. I honestly think this makes the brownie a little ‘lighter’ tasting
  •  3 Free range eggs (room temperature is best)
  •  170g Brown sugar (or caster if you don’t have)
  • 110g Plain flour
  • 2x 40g honeycomb bars
    • Preheat your oven to gas 4/180 degrees. I have a fan oven and cook these at 170.
    • Line your baking tin with grease proof paper and grease with butter/coconut oil/spray.
    • Melt the butter in the microwave, then if using melt the coconut oil separately. Put both to one side to cool.
    • Break the chocolate up into pieces and place into a small heat-proof bowl.
    • Boil a small saucepan of water, once boiling take off the heat and pop the bowl on top. The chocolate should melt fairly quickly.
    • Put the eggs and sugar into your mixer and whizz until light and frothy. Make sure your mixer doesn’t do what mine does, and leave lots of sugar sitting at the bottom un-mixed, be sure to give everything a good stir and re-whizz if needed (extremely technical terms)
    • Add your butter, oil (if using) and chocolate to the egg and sugar mix. Make sure they’ve cooled, if you add them when they’re too warm, they’ll cook the eggs.
    • Add your flour, whizz again.
    • And finally for the magic bit, bash your honeycomb bars! Not too much though as I did this and in hindsight, bigger chunks are better 🙂 Also, if you bash too much you end up with a lot of honeycomb dust. Once done, add your bits in to the brownie mix and mix by hand for this stage.
    • Pop the mix into your baking tin and put into the over. In my fan oven these are done in 15 minutes but in a normal oven they may take 20-25 minutes. You want the top of the brownie to be shiny and cracked but the thing is, even if you take it out slightly undercooked that’s fine! That’s the beauty of the brownie, as you want the bottom bit to be nice and moist (snigger) so it will all be okay!!
    • Enjoy a brownie slightly warmed in the microwave with vanilla ice-cream.  Delish.

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