Mango Smoothie

Still feeling like you overdid the booze at New Year? Yeah, me too .. Well, this smoothie will help make you feel a (little) bit better. It does the trick for me anyway and makes me feel like my liver is being soothed and hugged a bit.

This is my Mango and Coconut smoothie :)

Serves 2:
A big handful of frozen mango (I buy frozen fruit in my big food shop but you could use fresh mango too)
250mls Almond milk
Just over 1/2 tin Coconut milk
Approx 100-200 mls Coconut water (add more/less to make less thick or thicker)
2 Bananas (any size)

Wizz up in the blender and there you have it. If its too thick, add in some more Coconut water, if its too ‘coconutty’ just add in some normal tap water instead of topping up with Coconut water.


YUM in a glass

YUM in a glass

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