I’m Turning Into My Mother

Mothers Day is fast approaching and I’ve been thinking about the fact that as my years creep ever closer to forty (I mean, really?!) that I’m slowly but surely turning into my mother. Actually scrub that, I don’t notice it so much, it’s my husband who tells me I am. It’s inevitable really isn’t it what with the DNA and all, it’s something that can’t be helped or stopped, no matter what your relationship. I love my mum dearly, she’s done so much for me over the years, the one I look to for advice but it hasn’t always been this way. We had a rough ride when I was younger. I was a typical teenager and I caused her a lot of heartache and grief, for which I carry a lot of guilt for (it’s okay, I’ll be punished via my own daughter, karma and all that) I used to hate it when people told me I looked like my her but now I love it, I’m her daughter, that’s our eternal link and bond. Now that I have a daughter myself I understand that link that will always be there. Plus I know that I can’t fight it, it’s happening whether I like it or not. I’ve had a bit of a think and here are a few signs that I’m turning into my mother.


Sounds have got a lot to do with it. My mum make a myriad of noises that encapsulate her, who she is. There’s a very specific high pitched ‘Ooohooo’ noise that she makes when entering a building. Not just any building because that would be weird, but the house of someone she knows. It’s a sound that signals she has arrived and most other females within the vicinity respond by ‘Ooohoo-ing’ back to her. It’s all rather primal. Then there’s a little ‘Hmm?’ noise that is almost a question in itself as the ‘mmm’ bit increases in sound as you finish. Rather like the Aussie way of talking. This particular noise drives my husband mad, because when I answer with this after he’s been talking, it’s like I’m acknowledging that I wasn’t listening. ‘Hmmm? What was that dear?’

There are silly little traits like the fact that she randomly claps at birds in the garden when she wants them to shoo away. You can be stood outside with her on a lovely day, mid conversation with her and suddenly she starts clapping, it always catches you completely off guard. And now yes, even I find myself clapping at pigeons in the trees behind our house. They just sit there and stare like, ‘what are you doing you crazy woman?’ My mum also stops and gives a good evil stare to people in cars when they’re driving too fast and yes, you’ve guessed it, I’ve found myself doing the same, like a death stare is going to stop a person in a car like a super power. There’s the stash of never-ending cards for any occasion, and now I’ve got that stash too because hey, I get it! It makes sense! There’s the fact that I like to arrive at shopping centres before they’ve even opened, because my mum has instilled in my sister and I, a sense of panic of shopping ‘when it’s busy’. And I will happily go to the top level of a car park for a space, so I can do my Austin Powers style parking (forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards) Radio Four is my choice of listening nowadays, instead of the cool pirate radio stations I used to listen too before the kid. Repetitive beats have been replaced by talking, and I sadly quite enjoy that. I’ll happily listen to an episode of Woman’s Hour in the car instead of the Frozen album for the hundredth time. These are all traits that make me smile, they’re the little things that have been passed on without even realising it. I’m sure as I get older, it’s inevitable that this list will continue growing and do you know what, I’m okay with that.

What about you? Do you notice yourself doing certain things and think, ‘ARGH!’ and realise that’s exactly what your mum does, or did? Or do you share traits with your dad? Let me know!


One thought on “I’m Turning Into My Mother

  1. I understand you so much, the same happens to me. I always though that I’m different, but to my amazement I find some her features in me, both good and not. But I learned to manage the features I don’t like. Not always unfortunately, it must become a habit to act the way you like and it’s a hard daily work. Thank you for the post, you reminded me to be careful )))

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