My 5 Essential Products For Sensitive Skin

I feel a bit of a fraud writing this post, because if you know me then you’ll know that I’m not a ‘beauty blogger’. In fact, just that thought makes me snort laugh a little. But, having lived with sensitive skin problems for many years, I feel that I’ve got a bit of clout on this topic now. I’ve always had mild eczema on my face but the symptoms flared after the birth of my daughter. Some kind of hormonal craziness happened when my periods returned and my face bore the brunt of this (poor face). I spent hours scouring the internet looking for answers, I bought and tried every ‘miracle’ cream, switched to completely natural products and popped every vitamin under the sun, mostly a total waste of money. I saw skin and allergy specialists, but nothing worked until I made a connection. Post baby I’d developed an allergy to the wholesome banana. Weird.


I really have to think about my skin care routine nowadays and the makeup I use. I no longer use washes or scrubs on my face (scrubs are the worst for eczema) and I steer clear of trying any new products. And obviously I try to avoid bananas, although I do love a good banana based smoothie and banana cake but I accept that when I have these things, within a few days my symptoms reappear. I know the link now. I’m sometimes envious of women who can wear lots of makeup and use things like face oils or switch brands with no issue. There are some great beauty bloggers out there too. I watch some You-Tube videos and the tips and transformations are excellent. But, do we really need to encourage young girls to wear so much make up, or transform themselves in such a way? Having sensitive skin is incredibly annoying, but at least it means I can’t trowel on the make up, which isn’t such a bad thing. Less is more right, that’s what my mum tried to teach me. Here’s what works for me now and none of these will break the bank.

Green Peoples Neutral Cleanser – After mentioning this in my previous review, I wholeheartedly stand by this gem. It’s a lovely, rich, thick cleanser that removes all my makeup and any other grog that ends up on my face, like glitter, pen, dirt acquired via the kid, or that sneaky cappuccino foam that’s been on my face all day. And handily it’s alcohol and scent free so my skin likes this a lot. Win.


LloydsPharmacy Pure Essentials Micellar Water – I stopped using toner when my skin flared up but really missed it. Toner just makes your skin feel CLEAN! I’ve been on the look out for a new one for a while now. I was given this particular one at a blogger event, and I have to say I love it. It’s not completely natural because if you read the ingredients there are quite a few things in this, however it is supposedly for sensitive skin and having used it solidly twice a day for three months, my skin hasn’t reacted so this is another keeper. UPDATE: I’ve switched to Simple Kind to Skin Miscellar Cleansing Water and it works just as well.

UPDATE: Since starting on the IVF road again in September, after reading a book called It Starts With The Egg (more on this later) I’ve switched back to completely natural products again. I did do this when my skin problems started originally but when they eased, I introduced a non natural toner/micellar water. After reading this book I decided I needed to switch back again, for reasons in the book plus, it’s just good for my skin. I trialled a brand called Sukin first and went for their Micellar water, but actually on using, there is a very strong Chamomile smell and after using for a few days my eyes started to itch and swell. So back to the drawing board and seeing as I was using Green People already, I tried their Toner and that to date is working perfectly well. It’s a little on the expensive side for the amount and the bottle shape/size but hey, it’s my face so it’s worth it!

Moogoo Full Face Cream – This stuff is wonderful, great name, great product. It’s a bit of an all-rounder, a perfect day and night cream. I get such dry skin now I’m older (weeps) and applying this morning and night definitely helps with the crepe like skin. It’s really thick and creamy, smells lush and is completely natural. It’s specifically made to moisturise irritated skin, not cows as the name or picture on the tube suggests.


Moogoo lip balm – My mouth would literally fall off or become raisin like if I didn’t use this religiously. I’ve always had a bit of a lip balm obsession but overuse of various other products over the years and then my flare around my mouth up post baby meant I couldn’t use anything, ANYTHING!!!! It was horrendous (first world problems) I’ve tried so many balms over the years, all claiming to be natural, Vaseline, Lucas Paw Paw, Burts Bees, Dr Organic, Lavera and so many more, but this is the only thing I don’t react to. I buy a few at a time and have them scattered all over the house. If I could, I’d have one permanently attached to my face.


Dusty Girls Earth Cream – Lovely, lovely cover up. This natural stuff, made by the same people at Moogoo, hides a multitude of tired nights. Late nights pacing the floor between the kids room and ours, late nights on the vino (at home, always) or those irritating late nights when everyone else is asleep but you. This stuff hides the mum bags and the Mumm-Ra (remember him?) type skin.


What natural products do you use?


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  1. Awesome beauty blog post better round up than some “beauty blogger’s” I’ve seen Skin’s so important and I’ve always breaking out or dry or oily somewhere and always reach for the most natural products myself. X

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