Fathers Day With The Bentall Centre

Fathers day is fast approaching and it’s not just all about mothers day anymore and making a big fuss of mums, oh no. Dad’s quite rightly deserve a day all about them with just as much fuss and maybe even a gift or two (if they’ve been good). But if your dad or partner is anything like the men I know, then they are impossible to buy birthday presents for, let alone a fathers day gift. My dad doesn’t even bother giving me any ideas anymore and my husband says helpful things like, ‘you should write down all the things I mention throughout the year’ which obviously, I never do. So with no particular gift ideas in mind, I headed into Kingston, to the Bentall centre to see what inspiration I could gather.


I prefer to shop alone these days as it makes for a more relaxing, calm experience so obviously the first rule of shopping for me is to ensure the kid (or The Destroyer as we affectionately call her) is at nursery, otherwise, immediate fail. She absolutely makes shopping impossible as she has a tendency to shout, tantrum, flail around a lot in the buggy and grab onto rails of clothing like she’s trying to scale a mountain. So for me, when I’ve got set things to buy I always shop solo. Even shopping with the Mr is a tad stressful, he just doesn’t understand the importance of getting to the shops before they open.



I always find shopping in the Bentall Centre enjoyable (unless it’s a Saturday, obvs). It’s big, light and airy and has everything (and I mean everything) I need all in one place, but what to get for fathers day, for the husband who has everything he needs? He doesn’t need the classic ‘Dad’ mug, as much as I wanted to buy him one, because we have enough mugs and he moans when he gets novelty ones (he’s a cheery soul, honest) and he’s one of those guys who if he needs techy stuff, he researches and buys it for himself, so that was off the list. I decided to settle for the safe, easy options of a funky notebook (he likes making notes) which I found in Paperchase, along with a very appropriate monster card and I found a cool T-shirt in Timberland. Generally Timberland is a little on the expensive side but they’ve got a sale on right now. Win. I’m pretty sure our very own #DaddyCool will love his gifts this year.






I was given a gift card for the purpose of this review, all words are my own.






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