Now You Are 4

My Little Whirlwind, you turn four tomorrow. Such a big and momentous moment for me, just another birthday as far as you’re concerned. My original plan had been to write you a post every year on your birthday, but, well I’m a bit rubbish at deadlines since having you and I’ve only managed one so far when you turned two, but lets not dwell too much on Mummy’s inability to commit to things shall we, we’re here to talk about you.

Olivia Bike

This birthday comes at a point in our lives where we are desperate to give you a sibling (please don’t read this when you’re older because this will only gross you out) Your innocent questions like, ‘why don’t I have a sister? break my heart. Despite our struggles, having you makes us so much stronger as a family, we are a unit with you. You complete us in so many ways – but hopefully there will be someone else along one day to add to the mix. I want you to know that you keep us going, without you I don’t think I could’ve gotten through these past few months. Your obliviousness to our situation has actually helped us get on with life. You give me something to concentrate on and something to put my energy towards (you also take all my energy but that’s by the by) When I’ve felt at rock bottom, your infectious smile and annoyingly ability to know when I want to be left alone, yet still climb all over me, give me the reason to keep going. So thank you for being our wonderful distraction.

You are such a big, little girl now. You have grown in so many ways. When I stare into those brown eyes I see the little lady that you are becoming. The busy little thing that you are, with all your questions, questions that drive us both mad and make us laugh in equal measures. You are interested in everything, ready to go, 100% all of the time and whilst that is exhausting it is also amazing. You are our little social butterfly, so outgoing, happy (*cough* most of the time) and full of energy. If they could bottle what you have and sell it, we’d make a fortune. You have a good heart Olivia and bar some occasional mini rage and moaning issues – I could go on here ๐Ÿ˜‰ You are a kind girl, I hope you stay that way.

Your funny, toothy smile, your infectious laugh, your silliness, your non-stop hopping and handstands when I’m trying to cook, your strangeness, your love of silly words, I hope these things stay forever. You are loved, so much. You are our world, you little loon X





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