Left over Chicken soup

There is nothing more comforting that a hot bowl of chicken soup. It’s the go to thing if you’re feeling poorly or run down. Those in the Jewish community call it Jewish Penicillin it’s that renowned for fixing your ailments. I was feeling pretty tired and sorry for myself the other day (read, hungover) and we had left over roast chicken to use, so I decided to give myself a boost and cook some soup. This is a real tummy warming, comfort dish that took no time at all.

Chicken noodle soup:
Feeds two

Two handfuls of chopped up, left over chicken
One packet miso soup paste (I use Yutaka)
Two spring onions, thinly chopped
One small carrot, cut using a Julienne slicer or just thinly sliced
Two thinly sliced mushrooms
One nest of egg noodles
Splash soy sauce (all sauces I use where possible are salt free/low salt so you may want to add more salt to taste)
You could add other ingredients like peppers or courgette too

Squeeze miso paste into a saucepan and add two pints of boiling water from the kettle. Bring the water to boil again, then turn the heat down so its bubbling nicely and add the noodles and the mushrooms.
After a minute or two, add in the carrot slices and any other ingredients you are using. Let everything cook for about four/five minutes, until the noodles are done.
Add the chicken, let it heat through then take off the heat.
Stir in Spring Onions and add a splash of soy sauce.

Tuck a napkin in to your collar (you’ll need it!) and enjoy x





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