I’m Turning Into My Mother

Mothers Day is fast approaching and I’ve been thinking about the fact that as my years creep ever closer to forty (I mean, really?!) that I’m slowly but surely turning into my mother. Actually scrub that, I don’t notice it so much, it’s my husband who tells me I am. It’s inevitable really isn’t it what with the DNA and all, it’s something that can’t be helped or stopped, no matter what your relationship. I love my mum dearly, she’s done so much for me over the years, the one I look to for advice but it hasn’t always been this way. We had a rough ride when I was younger. I was a typical teenager and I caused her a lot of heartache and grief, for which I carry a lot of guilt for (it’s okay, I’ll be punished via my own daughter, karma and all that) I used to hate it when people told me I looked like my her but now I love it, I’m her daughter, that’s our eternal link and bond. Now that I have a daughter myself I understand that link that will always be there. Plus I know that I can’t fight it, it’s happening whether I like it or not. I’ve had a bit of a think and here are a few signs that I’m turning into my mother.


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Some Silly Resolutions For 2017

Hello there. How is everyone? Did everyone survive Christmas unscathed? I did, just about although I’ve come out the other side another year older and the kid was sick on, yep you guessed it, Christmas Day, so that was fun. These things pick their moments don’t they *rolls-eyes*. Because of the eternal coughing, throat clearing and nose blowing that’s been taking place, I’ve not really felt in the mood for writing and having a break from it all at this time of year is rather nice. But, on the eve of what is a New Year, it seemed appropriate to stick some words down, for my own benefit really.

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Its OK Not To Be ‘That’ Mum

Being a mum is a whole load of swings and roundabouts emotions. It’s a constant up and down from the moment you have your baby. A lot of people suddenly have an opinion once you become a parent. It’s like the world now has the right to chip in about how you adult your children. And what with being judged, there’s also us judging ourselves. With Social Media now there’s a lot to compare ourselves too. You can’t but help look at that ridiculously smiley, perfectly edited family on Instagram and wish your child would just bloody well sit still for a photo, wearing those hilarious comedy glasses you bought. Social Media can at times make us think that our lives aren’t pastel enough, colourful enough, or fun enough!! Argh!! You can also (without meaning to) spend a lot of time comparing yourselves to other mums that you meet, at playgroups, softplay or at the school gates. This post is about not being that mum who seems to have it all.


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6 tips to help you survive a family holiday

After my last post talking about how lovely our house was in France, that made a family holiday sound rather wonderful, right? Well, now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty, how to survive two weeks away with fourteen other human beings, that happen to all be your family! If you get along with your family like I do, then group holidays with them can be great fun, you’re on holiday with people you love and want to spend time with, you get along with everyone and know the general traits of those with you, you get free child care and you make some fantastic fun memories. But, but, but, let’s not rose tint it, it can be hard work especially if like me you’re going away with quite a large group. There’s always a lot of clearing up, swimming costumes on the floor to pick up, dishwashers to empty and potential arguing between the kids etc. It often is your routine at home but multiplied. So, if you want to get the most out of your time away, and if you want to come out the other side unscathed, here’s my tongue-in-cheek guide to surviving a family holiday.

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Starting Nursery

My smallie is starting nursery tomorrow and I’m not too sure how I feel about this. I made the decision not to return to work after having her, so apart from the odd weekend away from us with family, she has essentially been in my care full time from day dot. Right now, I feel like she needs some time away from me. She is not a clingy child but she has regressed in recent weeks and currently can’t bear me to walk up the stairs without holding her hand, and often demands that I hold her and pick her up. At the same time, she won’t listen to a single thing I say, she needs me but she also rebels, oh the confusion! Because of this, I know that having some of the structure that the nursery will bring, will be really good for her, but despite knowing she needs this, there’s a small part of me (okay it’s a big part) that doesn’t want her to go at all! Is that normal?


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