Fathers Day With The Bentall Centre

Fathers day is fast approaching and it’s not just all about mothers day anymore and making a big fuss of mums, oh no. Dad’s quite rightly deserve a day all about them with just as much fuss and maybe even a gift or two (if they’ve been good). But if your dad or partner is anything like the men I know, then they are impossible to buy birthday presents for, let alone a fathers day gift. My dad doesn’t even bother giving me any ideas anymore and my husband says helpful things like, ‘you should write down all the things I mention throughout the year’ which obviously, I never do. So with no particular gift ideas in mind, I headed into Kingston, to the Bentall centre to see what inspiration I could gather.


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Christmas Gifts for all the family with The Bentall centre

Christmas weirdly always seems to take us by surprise every year. We wait for it expectantly as the months go by but then suddenly, BOOM! It’s December, and we all go into a mad present buying panic. I think I’m getting better at gift buying as I get older, but when I was younger I bought my family some terrible gifts. A plastic mobile phone for my brother and a set of tea-towels for my brother in law one year (cringe!) I’ve also received some odd presents too. The first year I spent Christmas with my husbands parents, my mother in law bought me a pair of, what can only be described as clown pyjamas. Do you think she was trying to tell me something?! So if you’re starting to get in a flap about presents, or if you’re stuck for what to buy, here are a few ideas for less than £40 that you can find under one roof in The Bentall centre.


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Christmas fun at The Bentall centre

Christmas is starting to feel a lot more like it did when I was little this year. The warm fuzzy feeling is starting to grow, I’ve been thinking about buying presents, I’ve been smiling inanely at the adverts and I haven’t minded one bit that I heard my first Christmas song three weeks ago. Having children does this I think, the little person has got me feeling excited again because I know she’s going to be excited, which is awesome. When it comes to our weekends in our house, they tend to focus on how to keep the kid entertained (read as: wear out as much as possible so she sleeps) Because of this I’m always on the lookout for local, easy things that we can do as a family, so what better than a weekend of Christmas fun at The Bentall Centre in Kingston-Upon-Thames, a stones throw from where I live.


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Rossopomodoro Pizza – John Lewis Kingston

I love pizza, no wait, scrub that. I bloody love pizza. So much so I had to put it in bold. I’m a bit of a pizza snob too. I love the different high street chains but not all of them can plate up a top notch, fresh pizza, despite it being made on site. I’m often left feeling a little disappointed with what I’m served up at times so I was more than pleased when I was invited along to John Lewis in Kingston recently, to their newly opened restaurant Rossopomodoro, I was keen to see how they compared. Rossopomodoro, which literally means ‘red tomato’ in Italian, is a small chain that was born in Naples, the home of pizza don’t you know and they’re all about keeping it authentic, with pizza made right in front of you in their wood fired oven. This particular restaurant got me feeling rather festive, with it’s red neon sign and twinkly Christmas lights, you couldn’t help but feel ‘Christmassy’ (which is an actual thing apparently) and being a full time mum, I don’t get out much. I’ll often turn things down, taking the ‘go to bed early’ option over the ‘late to bed fuzzy headed’ one, so as my good friend Elfa said, we could class this as our, ‘sort of works Christmas do’, time to tuck into the fizz :)



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