Soft play for beginners

Wow. I mean, wow. I have just spent a ear ringing, slightly deafening hour and a half at soft play. I’ve got that mild tinnitus feeling, a bit like I’ve been clubbing. I went to the same venue a few days ago at the same early time when it was sunny, and it was quiet and dare I say, calm. The same place today however, with it raining outside and it had a different, somewhat anarchic feel to it. Everyone clearly had the same idea today and within fifteen minutes of the venue opening, I counted about twenty children (admittedly I may have double counted as they don’t stay still for long, do they) As I sat there guarding my latte with one eye on my child (yep, there she is on top of the Wendy house) I started thinking about how crazy and daunting soft play can sometimes be, here are my facts and tips to get you through it.

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