I’m running a half marathon!

You know that moment when you’re having a conversation with a friend, half listening, agreeing and nodding along then all of a sudden they’re thanking you profusely? Yes? Well, a few months ago my lovely friend Dawn and I were chatting about her being pregnant and running, and it was all sunshine and loveliness, the next thing I knew, Dawn was assigning various emails over to me and apparently I’d agreed to run a half marathon in her place in October, damnit, concentrate Emma! The deal was that I’d be running for Macmillan, Dawn’s chosen charity and as it happens that’s a good thing as they’d be who I’d choose to run for anyway. A good friend, Carl, who was THE life and soul died from bowel cancer three years ago, he was my age. Carl was well looked after and cared for by Macmillan nurses, so Carlos, this one’s for you buddy.


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IMO chats to: CoppaFeel! Breast Cancer charity

My mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when I was at sixth form. Because I was so young (and a bit selfish and clueless) at the time I never thought about checking my own boobs. Breast cancer was something that happened to older women, right? Fast forward to more recent times and my older sister was given the news nearly five years ago that she had breast cancer too. As a family we were shocked and devastated that it had happened again, it was totally out of the blue, but did you know that at least one in eight women will experience breast cancer in their lifetime? It finally dawned on me that I needed to start checking myself regularly, it started to become part of my daily routine, and it was around this time that I heard about a breast cancer charity called CoppaFeel!

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