IMO chats to: Writer Amy Ransom

Amy Ransom, if you haven’t heard of her writes a wonderfully funny and honest account of being a parent over on her blog, ‘Surviving Motherhood’. I was introduced to Amy at a Bloggers event in April 2015 and she’s one of those ladies you instantly warm too, chatty and friendly with a wicked sense of humour. Since meeting, we’ve kept in touch via the wonder that is Social Media, her Instagram account being my favourite place for updates. Think toddler tantrums, not quite nailing breakfast and gin, lots of gin. Amy has a newly published, awesomely pink book out now called, ‘The New Mum’s Notebook’ and she’s here to tell me all about it:


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Motherhood: Some untold truths

No amount of information or advice from friends or family really, truly prepared me for having a baby. I read every book going, did NCT and even did the free NHS classes too. I was a complete swot and asked lots of questions and wrote a whole heap of notes. All in preparation for becoming a ‘parent‘ (dun, dun, duuueeerrr!), I was ready I thought. But when my baby arrived, everything I’d learnt or read went out of the window. Funnily enough never at one point did I refer back to my trusty ‘notes’.  The last thing you think about doing, during a 3am feed followed by a ‘poo-splosion’, is consulting your pages and pages of crap handwriting, you just have to wing a lot of stuff. Honestly there were some very confusing moments when my baby was new (often involving poo or sick) but I got through those dark times and hey presto, I came out the other side having learnt a new skill, wahoo! (to any potential or new parents, you will at one point be stood covered head to toe in sick, holding a baby also covered in sick and you literally won’t know where to start) Here are a few motherhood truths for you, a few things that I’ve discovered or learnt along the way.


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8 Useful things for babies

There are so many things to think about getting when you have a baby it can be confusing to know where to start when it comes to buying things. You get advice from friends, mums, friends of mums, grandparents, the woman in the shop, everyone and anyone. Everyone has used or tried something that did or didn’t work. You also get offers of ‘spreadsheets’ and don’t want to refuse anyone, so end up with ten. I got given three and have passed mine on to an expectant friend, who already had four! You can get lost in a world of lists before the baby even arrives. Aside from the sterilisers, monitors, moses basket, cots etc, because these items are generally down to personal preference, I wanted to put a post together with all the other things that I have found useful for my baby. Things that you might not necessarily think of, or know about.

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