My Royal Parks Half Marathon Update

Tomorrow is the big day, it’s Royal Parks half marathon time. I wont beat around the bush, I’m cacking it slightly as my training hasn’t gone quite to plan. Okay let me re-phrase that, it hasn’t gone to plan at all!! It started off so well and positively, that back in July I easily hit the eight mile mark, yay go me! I was feeling pretty smug I have to tell you, half/smarf marathon, easy peasy I was thinking. All I needed to do was sustain the eight miles and push a bit more over September then I’d be there, but a family holiday with much cheese, bread and more wine that you could shake a big wine stick at got in the way and well, my body just gave up! It’s quite frankly been a struggle even hitting five miles since that holiday (I blame France!) and my knees are all but knackered, but tomorrow sees me attempting 13.1 miles, taking in the lovely sights of London town.


Think of me as I’m wheezing past Buckingham Palace, the Queen watching disapprovingly from binoculars out of her bedroom window. Think of me as I’m puffing up to the Houses of Parliament, they might even be compelled to bring in some kind of law to stop me running after this. I’ll be run-walking round St James Park then hopefully, eventually crawling over the finish line in Hyde Park, preferably not being the last one being swept up at the end. The one thing keeping me going, other than the thought of a massive glass of sauvignon blanc and a roast dinner when I finish, will be the reason I am running and that’s for the Macmillan charity. A good friend Carl died three years ago from cancer and the Macmillan nurses were a huge support to him and his family during his final months, weeks, hours. Carl was only 33 when he died and he was quite literally the life and soul of the party, you couldn’t have met a more gregarious person. Life has it’s moments of being terribly unfair, and when Carl died, this was one of them. I will be donning my green vest on Sunday and I will be running for Carl, hopefully that thought alone will get me round (and possibly some jelly babies too)

If you fancy donating, did you know that giving just £5.00 could help provide counselling to someone dealing with the impact of cancer? Or £25.00 could fund an hour on a support line, giving vital information and support or £50.00 could ensure that a Macmillan Nurse was there when someone is diagnosed with cancer.  Whatever you can give to this charity, big or small, you need to know that your money is doing something worthwhile. There’s a donation button below or here’s a link to my Just Giving page, wish me luck!!

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2 thoughts on “My Royal Parks Half Marathon Update

  1. Emz all the best on your run! Fantastic cause. A lil Physio advice…Warm up well, stretch the back of your legs a little bit, do 50 little crunches then hold a plank for 30seconds x2 to activate and align your core for a smoother run xxxx YOU GO GIRL!

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