What Can The Women’s Football World Cup Teach My Daughter?

In case you didn’t know the Fifa Women’s World Cup is currently taking place on the other side of the world, in Australia and New Zealand. And if you didn’t know, where have you been hiding?! With 32 countries taking part, this is a fantastic opportunity for women’s football to take centre stage. Excitement is building as obviously England are playing (COME ON!) Also world class teams like the USA, Germany and Sweden to name but a few.

Now, I’ll admit that my small person isn’t massively football obsessed. Rather frustratingly she’s very much on the fence when it comes to sport, frustrating because she is good at most things she turns her hand to – unlike her mother, who wears the clumsy crown apparently. However, we feel sport is important and want her to see lots of women’s sport being played, so the matches have been on TV every day. We were lucky enough to take her to the women’s FA Cup final in 2022 and the recent TikTok rugby six nations. Both with family friendly atmospheres, nail biting action and showcasing incredible talent. But watching this current World Cup, what can I hope that she might take away from it?

The back of woman playing football, the ball is in the air

Anything Is Possible

It’s a cliché but I’m going with it. There has already been drama-a-plenty this tournament (please, just not England) Nigeria stunned hosts Australia by beating them in their pool game. This was huge for Nigeria as they’re currently ranked at 40 in the world, with Australia 10th. Columbia also shocked by beating Germany 2-1 and as of today, Brazil were held to a 0-0 draw by Jamaica and are out. This shows that anything is possible when it comes to sport! Even top teams can have bad games. Self-belief is key, you might not be the best on paper, but that doesn’t mean that chances won’t come your way and that mistakes won’t happen. Sometimes it’s a good thing to be the underdogs. Always believe and keep going until that final whistle.


England have shown that despite missing several key players to injury, the squad is hugely adaptable with players happy to take on different roles. When central midfielder, Keira Walsh sustained a painful knee injury during their second pool game there was lots of talk over who would take her pivotal midfield position. Georgia Stanway, Katie Salem and Laura Coombs were given a chance, and even with huge pressure, all stepped in seamlessly. They showed that within a team you need to have players who are adaptable, step-up and move positions when needed.

Team Work

You can see the pride and passion in each player when they step on to the pitch. They want to win and do their very best for their country. OK, so these are elite athletes so perhaps at a lower level it’s that mentality of working together, each player and team mate with a shared goal. Supporting each other on and off the pitch no matter what. Chelsea and Australian superstar Sam Kerr hasn’t played a match yet due to injury, however was seen excitedly supporting on the side lines for their all-important game against Canada. She was even taking players drinks at one point. She showed that even though she wasn’t playing, she was there for her team mates.

Be The Change

Morocco’s Nouhalia Benzina became the first player to wear the hijab at a World Cup. Having previously banned the hijab for, ‘health and safety’ reasons (bonkers) Fifa overturned this in 2014, paving the way for young girls to play. Great Britain hockey has a moto; ‘Be the difference. Create History. Inspire the future,’ and women like Nouhalia are doing just that.

Overcoming Setbacks

Labelled by her teammate Leah Williamson as England’s, ‘Cheat Code,’ Lauren James is proving to be one of the tournament stars, however she missed out on a place at the 2022 Euro’s due to a persistent knee injury. James is quoted as saying, that this made her more determined to be selected next time round. Not being picked or being out due to injury can create such lows for those who love their sport, but to have that motivation to keep going is huge and something to be proud of.

All of these things and more. Ultimately, I hope my daughter is simply inspired watching this women’s football world cup.

Image credit – https://historyofsoccer.info/

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