Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa

Back in November the husband and I decided that we wanted to go away. We started off looking at going abroad with the kid, Tenerife was an option but not being able to confirm whether crèches were open, with it being off season and all, laid rest to those plans. We looked at further away destinations like Cape Verde (where all the celebs seem to go to be photographed on a beach) but money just started to go into silly prices so we decided to look closer to home. Centre Parcs was another option but oh my that’s expensive, for a three night mid week stay with a small person under two we were looking at more than five hundred pounds. After going round the houses for a few weeks and ultimately arguing about not being able to agree on a destination, we ended up opting to go and stay with our in-laws for a few days. Not quite the tropical destination I had hoped for but hey, there was a plus point. They are based down in Dorset and we’d found a fancy spa hotel called Chewton Glen right on the edge of the New Forest to book ourselves into for a spa day. It looked like the perfect place for a day of relaxing, just what we needed.


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