Is team sport important for our children?

When I was growing up I loved sport and did all the classic activities like ballet, horse riding and tennis. I was obsessed with horses, was lucky enough to have my own and I played tennis at a club every Friday night. Every summer I laughed hysterically playing badminton in the garden (It’s funny when the shuttlecock gets stuck in the racquet, no?!), and my older brother always made me play cricket and rugby with him. I relished doing physical activities and was constantly outside doing sport of some kind. However the two main things that I did, riding and tennis were actually quite solitary sports. I often spent weekends on my own at my stables because no one else seemed to be around and at the tennis club, we were generally made to play singles matches, so I never had that feeling of being in a ‘team’. Fast forward a bit and suddenly my teenage angst years hit, boys came on the scene and I started to find these solo sports rather boring. This, coupled with a move to a new school for sixth form and the freedom that I was given, meant that my love of sport went out of the window. No longer made to do it as a compulsory lesson, I stopped it completely. The tennis club was ditched and my lovely horse was sold. Given the option to be lazy, I quite happily took it. Continue reading

Not Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave

Sometimes when I walk along the river into town (I do a heck of a lot of walking to make the baby sleep/stop crying etc etc) I walk past various memorial benches. I always find myself reading the inscriptions, and sometimes I’ve found – it’s possibly the hormones- that they make me quite emotional. They always get me thinking about my family, things that have happened and what may happen. I think about Olivia growing up. In a flash before my eyes I’ve seen her leaving home to go travelling round the world, it’s quite mad how your overactive mind can do this to you. Part of me doesn’t want her to grow up, I want her to stay my baby for ever but part of me does  too (obviously she will!) I want her to live an amazing life, I want her to see wonderful things and travel the world, I want and wish everything for her. Life whizzes by us all too quickly now doesn’t it.


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