IMO chats to: Women In Sport

One big thing I want to promote here on Its Mostly Okay is sport and it’s positive effect on not just adults, but children too. I wrote a post recently about how my lack of sport, especially team sport when I was a young, lead me to be lazy and lax throughout my teen years and well into my twenties. Sport fell off my radar when I hit my late teens, not pushed to do it anymore I stopped it altogether. I’m certain that had I been more active and engaged when I was younger, then I would have had a different attitude towards many things as a young adult, especially diet and lifestyle. Liz Sully, a Fundraising Manager at Women in Sport got in touch with me recently to let me know about their ‘What If’ campaign. A positive and empowering campaign, aimed at changing the way young girls view sport. ‘What if, instead of growing up only seeing images of models and make-up on the pages of magazines, young girls saw sport portrayed in a way that made them want to be more physically active?’. This resonated with me having a daughter myself, I would like her to grow up not just seeing images of un-realistic girls in magazines or on television, with flouncy hair and ‘pretty’ makeup, but strong, sporty girls who show that anything can be achieved and who show that being active and sweaty is totally normal.

The #whatif campaign requires support and backing, Liz explained all to me.


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