Easy Blueberry Banana Bread

Oh. My. Goodness. This summer holiday business is insane. It’s become hugely apparent to me that during this time I can get nothing done whatsoever, apart from keeping the kid entertained, that’s it. That’s all I can manage. No housework, no admin, nada, zero, zip. The amount of times I’ve sat down to do an online food shop and been interrupted is ridiculous. I’ve literally not had the head space or brain power to put fingers to keyboard. How the heck do parents who work full time, manage their lives?! I hope everyone is surviving enjoying the one on one time with their kids. Anyone else looking forward to back to school/nursery next week? (small show of hands) Anyway, I’m easing myself back in with a simple post. Something I’ve found that has kept me and the kid busy a few times when the weather has been crap is making Banana Bread. A great time killer for a rainy afternoon. I found this recipe for blueberry banana bread which I’ve tried twice now and it’s a firm win.


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THE best Banana Cake

This post might seem slightly ironic given that I’ve recently written about discovering that I’m allergic to bananas, but I bloody love banana cake, and it’s just not something I’m prepared to give up despite my new allergy friend *folds arms defiantly*. I always buy banana’s when I do my food shop, it’s force of habit really as it seems odd not to include them, but because I don’t eat them anymore, and the kid is going through a phase of hating them after eating them every day (tres annoying) I often get left with a load of squidgy bananas, that have sat around for a week. So what better to do with them, other than to make cake, right?


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