Thai Red Curry Chicken Soup

The other day there was a real chill in the air and as I walked the kid to the park I noticed that suddenly there are a tonne of leaves on the floor. It definitely wasn’t a shorts and flip flops day as I’d recklessly assumed. The expression, ‘Winter Is Coming’ wouldn’t get out of my head (any GOT fans reading??) Oh and a cold has materialised out of nowhere, the kid doesn’t even have one would you believe, so I had a sudden urge to make a warm, spicy soup for dinner. There’s something about the seasonal change from Summer (yes, that happened) to Autumn that makes me instantly want to start cooking stews, casseroles and soups, long gone are the delicious salads, sob. Also when I get a cold, I like to overdose on ginger and garlic in my evening meals, I feel like that helps fight a cold. I love Asian inspired food, it’s one of my favourites to both eat and cook. I’ve made a chicken noodle soup before, but this time I wanted something a little more spicy. In my never-ending search for great meal ideas I came across this awesome site which has loads of brilliant, easy and authentic recipes on it. It’s my favourite, go-to site when I need a quick and tasty mid week meal. And this is where I found a really simple coconut curry soup recipe. Here is my version of the recipe.


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Baked Risotto with Butternut Squash & Wild Mushrooms

Now I don’t like to brag, but this is an actual life changing recipe. How many of you have stood at the stove, stirring a risotto for what has felt like an eternity? Boring. I have and because of the eternal stirring and stock adding I’ve stopped making risotto because, well, who has the time? Then I found this recipe in the Waitrose magazine and my life changed FOREVER! Okay not quite, but still it was a pretty exciting time. Who knew you could bake a risotto. Amazing.


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A Juice and soup recipe, time to shift the holiday excess

20150810_185732Hello there, remember me? Sorry for the blog silence but I’ve been on holiday, busy sunning myself in France, tough eh. Holidays are wonderful things aren’t they? A time to re-charge and re-group, and most definitely a time for throwing the diet book out of the window and eating what you want, which is exactly what I’ve done for a whole two weeks and now I’m paying the price for it. I’ve been eating like I’ve had a hangover for two weeks (which I quite possibly have done) There’s been pastries for breakfast, bread, cheese and cold meats for lunch, then big dinners in the shape of seafood or BBQ feasts, with a decent amount of alcohol thrown in too. I have returned home with a new addition, a France food baby and drastic measures are needed. Continue reading

Southern Sausage Stew

I love a good sausage recipe and I’m always on the look out for new ways to cook them for dinner. I found this particular recipe on Jamie Oliver’s website and it looked so damn tasty, that given it was such a cold evening when I made it, well, it would be rude not to try it. The original recipe is here, I halved this and tweaked a few things.


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Left over Chicken soup

There is nothing more comforting that a hot bowl of chicken soup. It’s the go to thing if you’re feeling poorly or run down. Those in the Jewish community call it Jewish Penicillin it’s that renowned for fixing your ailments. I was feeling pretty tired and sorry for myself the other day (read, hungover) and we had left over roast chicken to use, so I decided to give myself a boost and cook some soup. This is a real tummy warming, comfort dish that took no time at all.

Chicken noodle soup:
Feeds two

Two handfuls of chopped up, left over chicken
One packet miso soup paste (I use Yutaka)
Two spring onions, thinly chopped
One small carrot, cut using a Julienne slicer or just thinly sliced
Two thinly sliced mushrooms
One nest of egg noodles
Splash soy sauce (all sauces I use where possible are salt free/low salt so you may want to add more salt to taste)
You could add other ingredients like peppers or courgette too

Squeeze miso paste into a saucepan and add two pints of boiling water from the kettle. Bring the water to boil again, then turn the heat down so its bubbling nicely and add the noodles and the mushrooms.
After a minute or two, add in the carrot slices and any other ingredients you are using. Let everything cook for about four/five minutes, until the noodles are done.
Add the chicken, let it heat through then take off the heat.
Stir in Spring Onions and add a splash of soy sauce.

Tuck a napkin in to your collar (you’ll need it!) and enjoy x