Nearly 40, So What Exactly Have I Learnt About Myself?

Crikey Moses people it’s 2018! I mean, how the heck did that happen?! I feel like I’ve blinked and 2017 has whooshed by me in a flash. It really was a whirlwind year and when I look back on it sadly, IVF is the main focus. What with appointments, injections, bloods taken, treatment, legs in the air and such like. It hasn’t all been bad, but I’d say it was one of those years that I’ll park in the ‘Let’s forget you for a while’ vault for now, thank you very much. Wanting to move on from my last post with something a bit more light hearted and having just had had my birthday (screaming face emoji) I wondered that, considering I’ll be turning 40 this year, what exactly have I learnt about myself thus far? What simple, silly things have these last 39 years taught me about ME, if anything?


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In my thirties

Sometimes in life, things come to us easily. Some people just seem to have the right tools from the outset, whatever those ‘tools’ may be. Some people breeze along, always looking amazing and like nothing phases them. These people just seem to ‘get it’ right, whether that be clothes, hair, jobs or just life in general. Life just comes naturally to some people. And me? Well, I’m not one of those people. I never have been and I don’t think I ever will be, but it’s taken me a long time to accept that. In fact, it’s only really now that I’m in my thirties, oh who am I kidding, I’m the the grand old age of thirty seven (sob) that I’ve half-heartedly accepted this. But at this age, what exactly have I figured out? What have I finally got right, what have I accepted and what have I still not sorted out yet?

rope swing

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My Near Death Experience

This might seem a slightly dramatic, odd topic to talk about here as it’s not really in keeping with my other posts to date, but I want to share an experience with you that I had a few years ago. Have you ever had a near death experience, a close shave (in the non-razor sense), a close call or a very near miss that seemed to make time stand still? I have, and it’s something that I’ve wanted to put down into words for a while now. My near miss ‘moment’ happened four and a half years ago when my husband and I were on honeymoon (yes that’s right, honeymoon!) I didn’t ‘float above the bed’, I didn’t see any dark tunnels or flashing lights but it was enough to class it, I think, as a ‘near death experience’, exciting, no?


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