Christmas Gifts for all the family with The Bentall centre

Christmas weirdly always seems to take us by surprise every year. We wait for it expectantly as the months go by but then suddenly, BOOM! It’s December, and we all go into a mad present buying panic. I think I’m getting better at gift buying as I get older, but when I was younger I bought my family some terrible gifts. A plastic mobile phone for my brother and a set of tea-towels for my brother in law one year (cringe!) I’ve also received some odd presents too. The first year I spent Christmas with my husbands parents, my mother in law bought me a pair of, what can only be described as clown pyjamas. Do you think she was trying to tell me something?! So if you’re starting to get in a flap about presents, or if you’re stuck for what to buy, here are a few ideas for less than £40 that you can find under one roof in The Bentall centre.


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My Confident Daughter

I was battling with the kid this morning, like I often do. Silently begging her to stop scream-singing whilst waiting in a queue, quiet muttering at her to please stop kicking that person in front, please stop shouting at me, why Olivia, why do you have to be like this. Then some thoughts popped into my head, ‘Why is she like she is, why does she have to be like this, why is she so confident, why can’t she be like other children who just sit in the buggy patiently waiting’ and then, I felt a huge wave of guilt for daring to think this.  How could I think this? She is how she is, right?


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Ideal Home Show at Christmas

If you’re at a loss for something to do this weekend, then think about hopping on the tube and heading to The Ideal Home Show at Christmas to bag yourself some bargains and get you feeling that Christmas vibe! I was invited along to the show on Wednesday and at a loss for childcare took the kid along (the thought of this massively stressed me out) but the place blew her mind! The fake snow outside the venue complete with Father Christmas’s sleigh was enough to get her shrieking with excitement, and that’s before we’d even stepped inside.

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IMO chats to: EsmeLoves Jewellery

I met a rather lovely lady called Sophie at a bloggers meet a few weeks ago, and as soon as she mentioned that she made jewellery I wanted to find out more. Obviously, like most women I have a magpie tendency and a love for all things shiny, but also it always interests me to hear how someone has started their own business. When someone goes it alone, stepping away from their normal day-to-day job I find that inspiring. And Sophie’s story about how she started her business whilst living in India with her family fascinated me. I took at look at her EsmeLoves site after we met and fell in love with everything! Sophie’s pieces are classic, timeless and elegant and there is a lovely theme of all generations of women being able to wear the jewellery. She’s here to tell me more about her business.


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Christmas fun at The Bentall centre

Christmas is starting to feel a lot more like it did when I was little this year. The warm fuzzy feeling is starting to grow, I’ve been thinking about buying presents, I’ve been smiling inanely at the adverts and I haven’t minded one bit that I heard my first Christmas song three weeks ago. Having children does this I think, the little person has got me feeling excited again because I know she’s going to be excited, which is awesome. When it comes to our weekends in our house, they tend to focus on how to keep the kid entertained (read as: wear out as much as possible so she sleeps) Because of this I’m always on the lookout for local, easy things that we can do as a family, so what better than a weekend of Christmas fun at The Bentall Centre in Kingston-Upon-Thames, a stones throw from where I live.


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