Baked Risotto with Butternut Squash & Wild Mushrooms

Now I don’t like to brag, but this is an actual life changing recipe. How many of you have stood at the stove, stirring a risotto for what has felt like an eternity? Boring. I have and because of the eternal stirring and stock adding I’ve stopped making risotto because, well, who has the time? Then I found this recipe in the Waitrose magazine and my life changed FOREVER! Okay not quite, but still it was a pretty exciting time. Who knew you could bake a risotto. Amazing.


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Not So Instagram Perfect

A story cropped up in the media over the weekend that caught my eye. Now before I prattle on, commenting on news stories isn’t usually my thing, but after reading this I wanted to write a response of sorts as the article irked me a little. Firstly let me talk about me (standard) and my Instagram page. I love posting photos of lovely (or terrible) food, coffee (lots of the stuff), occasional photos of me or the kid doing something silly. I generally try to write a comment underneath each photo that is true to life, something about that scenario, something funny the kid has done or something going on in my life at that moment, like clearing up toys or being so tired I need matchsticks for my eyes, that kind of thing. I want to show and comment about the reality of parenting. It’s not all pretty filters (although they help, obviously) and smiling children. Quite often it’s lots of wine, poo, tears from both the baby and you and sleepless nights. In fact when I started my page, one of my most popular photos was one of me covered in sick, at a soft play. It showed me that fellow parents liked this disgusting but funny and truthful side to Instagram.


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My 7 Essential Products For Sensitive Skin

I feel a bit of a fraud writing this post, because if you know me then you’ll know that I’m not a ‘beauty blogger’. In fact, just that thought makes me snort laugh a little. But, having lived with sensitive skin problems for many years, I feel that I’ve got a bit of clout on this topic now. I’ve always had mild eczema on my face but the symptoms flared after the birth of my daughter. Some kind of hormonal craziness happened when my periods returned and my face bore the brunt of this (poor face). I spent hours scouring the internet looking for answers, I bought and tried every ‘miracle’ cream, switched to completely natural products and popped every vitamin under the sun, mostly a total waste of money. I saw skin and allergy specialists, but nothing worked until I made a connection. Post baby I’d developed an allergy to the wholesome banana. Weird.


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Impossible Tasks With A Toddler

Toddlers, the mini tyrants of this world. They are the Kim Jong-un of the small persons world. We love them but toddlers are hard work, fact. Anyone saying otherwise is delusional, lying, or has help. And despite being so little, they contain a huge amount of energy that springs into action from the moment they open their eyes in the morning. I’ve yet to find an off switch. Especially when mummy has a hangover. When I think back to those early hazy days with a new-born, they’re like the holy grail. Okay, okay so there are some sleep issues and you’re running on empty, but when you finally venture out of the house, leaky boobs strapped down and downstairs bits not aching anymore, you can generally sit (or do the manic rocking holding the baby) and drink coffee and actually talk to friends. And I mean, actually have a proper five minute conversation uninterrupted. You’re not having to physically grapple muffins you haven’t paid for from a small child, and you’re not having to chase after your child whose legged it with the next tables pastries. As I attempted some menial tasks recently which the kid was making rather difficult, I started thinking about all of the easy, simple things we should be able to do that are made impossible or certainly a tad more stressful because of little people. Obviously this list could go on for ever, but here are a few things that sprang to mind.


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A Little Note To Say Thank You

This isn’t a post a such, more a little note to say a thank you to everyone who reads this blog. After my last post, I received some lovely, heartfelt messages from friends and readers alike. I realised that often when I write these personal pieces, I get a little outpouring of love and that’s a wonderful thing, it really makes me happy. What I write, I don’t do so for sympathy or in the hope of getting these messages, I’m not writing to get attention but the fact that I do is really heart warming. It’s good to know that people out there care about you. It’s nice to get that text saying, ‘Are you OK Em?’ and it’s nice that people just know what’s going on in my life so I don’t always have to explain things. Thanks guys (cue cheesy picture of me looking happy)

IMG_1586 (2)

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