Rossopomodoro Pizza – John Lewis Kingston

I love pizza, no wait, scrub that. I bloody love pizza. So much so I had to put it in bold. I’m a bit of a pizza snob too. I love the different high street chains but not all of them can plate up a top notch, fresh pizza, despite it being made on site. I’m often left feeling a little disappointed with what I’m served up at times so I was more than pleased when I was invited along to John Lewis in Kingston recently, to their newly opened restaurant Rossopomodoro, I was keen to see how they compared. Rossopomodoro, which literally means ‘red tomato’ in Italian, is a small chain that was born in Naples, the home of pizza don’t you know and they’re all about keeping it authentic, with pizza made right in front of you in their wood fired oven. This particular restaurant got me feeling rather festive, with it’s red neon sign and twinkly Christmas lights, you couldn’t help but feel ‘Christmassy’ (which is an actual thing apparently) and being a full time mum, I don’t get out much. I’ll often turn things down, taking the ‘go to bed early’ option over the ‘late to bed fuzzy headed’ one, so as my good friend Elfa said, we could class this as our, ‘sort of works Christmas do’, time to tuck into the fizz 🙂



Before eating, our host Louise challenged us to do some crafting, which turned into, ‘laughing at each others crap attempts at crafting’. This was a great ice breaker task, fuelled with a glass of bubbly we set about trying to make our chosen items. I opted to decorate a Christmas tree which may or may not look like a five year old made it but hey, it’s mine! Doing this task re-affirmed that, as I thought, I’m not destined for a life of creating amazing costumes for my child or decorations for our house. My most hated class at secondary school was sewing (yes, I went to a convent school okay!) God help my child when I have to start helping her actually make things.



Post craft we were ready to eat. Above is the lovely Elfa and Marie, note the upturned bottle in front of them 🙂 Pizza wise, I’m usually a safe bet Buffalo Mozzarella and Tomato girl but I decided to go crazy and order the Cornucopia pizza and oh my hat, it was wonderful. You get the pizza as it comes, i.e. no choice of thin or thick crust and hand on heart it was damn tasty. It was a decent size (I battled to the end) it tasted really fresh and light, with no scrimping on toppings, I’m actually drooling remembering.



No one opted for pudding, we were all far too stuffed, some went for teas or coffees, I on the other hand, choose to polish off the Cava of course 😉 All in all, it was a lovely evening, go check out Rossopomodoro if you can, decent pizza, for decent money.

I was invited for a meal to Rosspomodoro, all views are my own.


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