Five benefits I get from playing a team sport

My love for team sport started about eight years ago. I played various sports at school and thoroughly enjoyed them all, but went through a rather lazy period in my teens, and gave up everything bar lifting a drink or cigarette to my mouth. Luckily when I hit my mid-twenties, my rather rotund frame got me realising that I needed to get fit and I started running. When I then got together with my husband, I knew he played hockey but thought very little of it, other than it frustrated me that it seemed to take up his entire Saturday and involved a lot of beer afterwards. This didn’t fit in with my new couples plan of, ‘spend Saturday’s lazing around, reading newspapers, lunching, planning our future, etc’. I found myself a ‘Sports Widow’ and spent most Saturdays bored and alone. So, a decision was made, I decided to start playing a team sport, and given there are two clubs very near where we live, I chose hockey. It was time to dust off my old wooden stick.


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Healthy – ish Lasagne ;)

Mid week cooking when you’re trying to feed adults and little people can  be hard sometimes. I often find myself, despite saying that I never would, cooking a dinner for the kid, then something different for my husband and I, which is a bit of a pain in the bum. The problem is, the kid is still pretty fussy with food. She doesn’t like most vegetables and certainly nothing too chunky that’s a vegetable, no siree, she’ll just sit there and pick all the bits out. So I needed to find something to cook that she might potentially eat. I had some turkey mince in our freezer and was going to cook meatballs, but decided to plump for a healthy lasagne instead after finding this recipe, and it was deeeee-licious (as my daughter would say) The winner thing being that the carrot, onion and garlic are blitzed in a food processor (you could also add other vegetables too) and this helps with getting her to eat! Also, this is the perfect happy-medium dish too if you’re trying to be healthy because by using turkey mince you are lowering the fat content, and you can make it naughty by adding EXTRA CHEESE which lets face it, is far more fun right 😉 And don’t be put off by the long instructions, this is a pretty simple dish to make.

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Asian Chicken Salad

New Year, healthy eating, being good and all that jazz and I’ve turned back to what suits me best when it comes to eating well, and that’s the Paleo diet. Paleo die-hards can be very strict about this lifestyle but the general rule is to not eat dairy, grains, carbohydrates or sugar. I loosely follow this, mainly in that I try to cut carbs from my breakfast and dinner, but I don’t stress too much, life’s too short eh. On the hunt for interesting recipes to try I found this awesome one for Asian Chicken salad, made it and it was LUSH. Really easy and simple to make, a spot on mid week meal. Apologies for the crap photo, was too busy eating.

asian chicken salad

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A Juice and soup recipe, time to shift the holiday excess

20150810_185732Hello there, remember me? Sorry for the blog silence but I’ve been on holiday, busy sunning myself in France, tough eh. Holidays are wonderful things aren’t they? A time to re-charge and re-group, and most definitely a time for throwing the diet book out of the window and eating what you want, which is exactly what I’ve done for a whole two weeks and now I’m paying the price for it. I’ve been eating like I’ve had a hangover for two weeks (which I quite possibly have done) There’s been pastries for breakfast, bread, cheese and cold meats for lunch, then big dinners in the shape of seafood or BBQ feasts, with a decent amount of alcohol thrown in too. I have returned home with a new addition, a France food baby and drastic measures are needed. Continue reading

IMO chats to: Hanna from My Goodness Recipes

Sometimes, just sometimes I stumble across someone on social media who makes me sit up and take notice, Hanna Sillitoe from My Goodness Recipes was one of those people. Last Christmas, a few months after giving birth I had an eczema flare up on my face that came out of nowhere. It was awful and I literally spent January hiding away behind closed doors, with a hood over my head, not wanting anyone to see me. It was a very low point and although it has eased, I dread it coming back. I’m always searching online for inspiration, answers and cures and that’s how I came across Hanna’s Instagram page and website. Hanna suffered from psoriasis and shared her before and after images. Hanna claimed to have resolved her skin issues through changing her diet alone, needless to say I was intrigued to find out more.


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